Friday, July 20, 2001

day 69, Devils Racecourse S, MD

Start:  Rocky Run Shelter
End:  Devils Racecourse Shelter
Miles:  20.1 today, 1039.6 total

Talk about frustrating.  You walk 20 miles only to find that the shelter is full and you've got to setup camp in the dark.  Actually, that sounds bad, but the reality wasn't too terrible.  (My mind has truly gone to mush out in these woods.  Is that how you spell "terrible"?)  I'm starting to like sleeping in a tent.  It gets me away from the bugs.  That, in itself, is an amazingly comfortable feeling.  So I'm really just whining.

After a couple days of being in limbo, I've finally located some people.  Raver and Skipper are about 4 days ahead of me.  Ganj is a couple days ahead, but he was talking about quitting early, as in before the Delaware Water Gap.  Grasshopper and Numbfoot are also ahead of me.  I'm confident that I could catch pretty much any of them but Raver.  He and I are almost the same speed, but he's just a tad faster I think.  And, as far as I know, Big Toe and Q-tip are behind me, probably a day or two behind.

Had a whole bunch of trouble trying to call home with the cell phone tonight.  I was able to get through a couple times, but the connection was so bad that we got cut off.  I'll try again tomorrow morning.

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