Friday, July 27, 2001

day 76, 501 S, PA

Start:  Rausch Gap Shelter
End:  501 Shelter
Miles:  17.4 today, 1173.7 total

A nice lazy morning.  After everyone else had left, I was still slowly breaking camp, and the shelter overseer comes up from behind the shelter huffing and puffing.  He had just carried a crate of building materials about a quarter of a mile.  See, the floor of the Rausch Gap Shelter was in the process of being renovated.  No actual work had been done yet, but there were some boards and plywood stacked up in the shelter.  In fact, yesterday during my hike I came across a sign saying the floor was being renovated between mid-July and mid-August, thus making it unusable.  So last night I thought I'd have to camp, but when I got to the shelter, no work had been done, and everyone else had already setup their sleeping bags inside.  So I slept in the shelter, too.

Anyway, since I knew it was going to be an easy day and I could afford to kill some time, I offered to help out however possible.  He took me up on it.  He made it sound like he'd need me for about an hour, which was fine with me, but I really only worked for maybe 10 minutes.  All I did was carry a shovel, mattock, level, and crowbar about a quarter of a mile.  Woohoo!  He thanked me for my services and I went on my way.  His name was Dave Crosby of the BMECC.

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