Saturday, July 21, 2001

day 70, US 30, PA (J & J's)

Start:  Devils Racecourse Shelter
End:  US 30 (Jim & Julie's)
Miles:  22.8 today, 1062.4 total

Welcome to PA!  Woohoo!  But first...

Headin' into Yankee territory...

I got to Pen-Mar Park (get it?  PENnsylvania-MARyland!) around 10am, called home, left a message, ate a cheeseburger, took advantage of the flushable toilets and free TP, and got out of there after 11.  Not too long after that I crossed the Mason-Dixon Line.  Took a picture of the sign.  heheh... that rhymes.  So then I hiked a long time until about 7:15pm, when I crossed US 30 and waited for the Pennington-mobile to show up.

Within 10 minutes I was whisked away to Grandma True's favorite ice cream hangout.  We ate our cones and sundaes and went back to Laurel Run to drop her off.  Unfortunately, her mental health has generally been deteriorating over the past few years (I believe she has Alzheimer's).  It seemed like 5 years ago she was fine, then she started to slip.  But despite all of this, I think she recognized me.  She had my Fontana Dam post-card on the wall.  Her heart is still doing fine.

My uncle Jim and aunt Julie were gracious enough to offer my family a night at their house in nearby Thurmont, MD.  This will be the last time I'll see the fam for awhile... likely until Katahdin.

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