Sunday, July 8, 2001

day 57, Riprap Overlook c, VA

Start:  Rockfish Gap (Sunchase Apts, Harrisonburg)
End:  Riprap Overlook campsite
Miles:  15 today, 857.6 total

A big thank you to Joe for driving Megan and myself to Rockfish Gap.  Leina'ala came along for the ride, too.  I mean, it's about 30-45 minutes one way, so possibly as much as 1.5 hours round-trip, which is quite a drive.  I slipped him some money right as he was about to drive off.

So then we started hiking... very slowly.  Megan, if you ever read this, please don't take offense.  Honestly, it's to be expected that a "first-timer" will hike slow.  And, though I knew all of this, I still got really frustrated.  I mean, it's the SNP!  I wanted to burn through there so badly.  But, despite the slow pace, we still made some good mileage for the day, actually, terrific mileage considering it was Megan's first day.  So I'll put a sock in it.

We decided that her trailname should be "Fallbird".  Mainly because she skydives, but also because I fell the first time this whole trip while hiking with her.  And not just once, either:  two times, both within a minute of each other.  So her presence must give me bad luck, hehe...

We were pretty certain that we weren't going to make it 20 miles to the shelter (Blackrock Hut?), so we ended up camping at a random spot (nice little site, though).  Ate dinner with a nosy deer nearby.  More miles to do tomorrow.

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