Sunday, July 29, 2001

day 78, Eckville S, PA

Start:  Auburn Overlook (campsite)
End:  Eckville Shelter
Miles:  17.7 today, 1212.6 total

Well, I'm still alive, no sign of any black market surgery, so I guess all is well.  Packed up the tent and headed down to Port Clinton.  I attempted hitching into Hamburg for about 10 minutes with no success.  I think as my beard gets scragglier, people will be less likely to pick me up.  Nevertheless, I did get resupplied and that's what counts.  I set down my pack in front of one of the hotels in PC just to take a rest for a bit, buy a drink from the vending machine.  Then this guy and his wife walk out and he starts talking to me about army boots and having to change your socks twice a day or something.  I played dumb and asked him if there were any grocery stores in town.  "No, but Hamburg has some."  hehe... "Hamburg?  How far is that?"  I'm so evil.  So I ended up getting a ride with these folks, not to Hamburg, but to some Egyptian bazaar / farmers market type of place.  Basically a poor-man's Price Club.  I was able to piece together enough of what I needed to get to the DWG.  They gave me a ride back to PC (they were headed to the farmers market anyway, so I'm not that evil).  Packed up my food and got back on the trail at 1:40pm.  Did a pretty fast 15 miles to the Eckville Shelter by 8pm.  Cool place.  Like 501, there's a house next door where the caretaker lives.  Rollin' (SOBO) and VA G-man are here.

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