Monday, July 23, 2001

day 72, Yellow Breeches Creek c, PA

Start:  Pine Grove Furnace State Park (campsite)
End:  Yellow Breeches Creek (campsite)
Miles:  19.1 today, 1101.5 total

Ready to take the first bite!

Done!  Alleged half gallon record breaker, Grasshopper, on the left.

hehehe... I am now a member of the Half Gallon Club!  I downed a carton of cookie dough in 40 minutes, 37 seconds.  I kind of surprised myself, actually.  I mean, a half gallon is A LOT of ice cream!  Grasshopper, Mike, Dusty, and Skipper witnessed the event.  I had them take pictures of me at successive levels of consumption.  There's the "before" shot, the "halfway done, starting to get full" shot, and then the "last bite, look ok but feel like crap" shot.  After a couple hours of digestion I began hobbling down the trail.

I think we go right.

About a mile into the hike, still inside the park, I came across the "official" halfway point marker.  It's really not the halfway point because it reads "1069 miles to GA, 1069 miles to ME".  Halfway now is more like 1083.5 or so (though Dusty said the trail is actually 20 miles longer this year because of so many relocations, which messes all of my calculations up, so we'll just forget about that).

Near the end of the day's hike.  Lovin' it.

While getting water at a creek, I was sitting on a rock drinking a quart and I had a revelation.  Perhaps the reason I feel unhappy at times is because I'm going too fast.  I mean, I'm doing this thing in 4.5 months!  I've decided to slow down near the end if I can afford to.  I'll discuss more later.

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