Friday, July 13, 2001

day 62, Tom Floyd W, VA

Start:  Pass Mountain Hut
End:  Tom Floyd Wayside
Miles:  23.6 today, 946.8 total

I'm having a dilemma with the radio situation.  I've found that I really only want to listen to music when I'm hiking, but the problem is that I pick up like 5 different radio stations at one frequency.  If I stop, I'm fine, I can get the one station I want coming in really clear.  But as soon as I start moving again, it'll switch from Led Zeppelin to Barry Manilow.  Sometimes I hear more static than music.

Now, I have been lucky at times.  There have been a couple times when the station I want to hear actually comes in fine for at least 10 minutes.  But anyway.

I've thought of alternatives like using my Discman or buying an MP3 player.  The problem with using the Discman is that I've got to carry all the CDs I want, and it weighs more than the radio.  Not to mention that Mom would be sad that she couldn't listen to Ottmar Liebert when sitting at her lightbox!  And the MP3 player would cost money and probably weigh more, as well.  However, with either one, I get to hear what I want, and it never switches to Barry Manilow.  What a dilemma.

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