Thursday, July 19, 2001

day 68, Rocky Run S, MD

Start:  Harpers Ferry, WV (home)
End:  Rocky Run Shelter
Miles:  16.1 today, 1019.5 total

The standard Polaroid that hikers get at the ATC headquarters.

During my two-day break, I checked my email and saw that Laura had sent me a message.  I haven't seen her since Damascus.  It would be nice to see her again.  However, she's saying that she wants to skip ahead to Connecticut and see some of New England before her money totally runs out.  And, by the way, she says that's her new name:  Skipper.  Can we guess why?  hehehe...  She said she wants to live in New York (presumably the city) after the trail.  I wrote her back asking when she'd make the move to the Big Apple.  Maybe I could swing by on my way back home.

It took me forever to get out of the house this morning.  We had planned to leave at like 7:30am, but thanks to me, we didn't leave until after 10am.  I tried setting up a computer for Rachel to take to college, but that fell through when I wanted to reinstall the OS, but didn't have a Windows 98 CD.  Anyway, we got to the ATC Headquarters, got my picture taken and archived, signed the register, etc.  Apparently, that rumor about Baxter State Park closing October 1st was just a rumor.  The ATC people kept with the usual October 15 deadline.  So that's good news.  Gives me a little more breathing room.

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