Wednesday, July 4, 2001

day 53, The Priest S, VA

Start:  Brown Mountain Creek Shelter
End:  The Priest Shelter
Miles:  22.7 today, 807.9 total

Broke 800 today!  I'm really getting up there now.  Lately I've been thinking a lot about what Harpers Ferry will be like, and what it'll be like after that.  There's a lot of activity happening soon.  Megan wants to hike, there's the G3 concert, going home for a day or so, hitting Harpers Ferry and eventually the real half-way point, staying at Uncle Jim & Aunt Julie's, etc.  I'm wondering what will happen once I've passed all of that stuff.  I'm sure there will be things to look forward to (ie: towns), just not friends or family.

Good hike today.  I got up at 6am, left camp at 8am, got to the Seely-Woodworth Shelter (15-ish miles) at around 3:45pm.  I then took about a two hour break before heading out again to do the last 7 miles to The Priest Shelter.  I got to The Priest Shelter around 8:20pm.  People here tonight:  Johnny Six String and a ridge runner.  First time I've met Johnny Six String.  He's got a small steel string guitar that he carries, pretty religious guy, seems kind of poor.  He let me play awhile, that was fun.  The three of us went up to the overlook to watch whatever fireworks we could see.  There was one display that was relatively close.  Nice and peaceful up there.

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