Thursday, July 26, 2001

day 75, Rausch Gap S, PA

Start:  Clarks Ferry Shelter
End:  Rausch Gap Shelter
Miles:  24.3 today, 1156.3 total

It's been a long while since the weather's been like this: foggy, misty, rainy.  It was a welcome change.  The temperature dropped to a really comfortable level and the ground was softer.  It was a really relaxed hike for at least the first 12 miles or so, because of the different weather.  It felt like the world was taking a day off.  No pressure to do the big miles, though I ended up doing 24 to get back on schedule after yesterdays' comatose 4.5 miles.

Yahtzee, Beerstyck, and Yahtzee's mom left some Trail Magic at the intersection with Route 225.  I grabbed an apple and moved on.  I tried to write a thank you note on the cooler, but it was wet from the rain and my pen wasn't working.  I thanked them in the register at the Peters Mountain Shelter.

Some new thru-hiker faces tonight.  Camping a few tenths back are Indian Summer (woman) and The Amazing Dolphin Boy.  I think they're a couple.  Here at the shelter we've got Freebird (male, seems pretty nice), Virginia G-man (older guy), and Bob (not sure if he's a thru-hiker).  Spongebob made it here from Clarks Ferry Shelter about half an hour before I did.  I was the last one here.  Gonna be an easy 17.4 miles tomorrow.  No need to set the alarm.

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