Friday, July 6, 2001

day 55, Rockfish Gap, VA (H-burg)

Start:  Reeds Gap (Rusty's Hard Time Hollow)
End:  Rockfish Gap (Sunchase Apts, Harrisonburg)
Miles:  19.4 today, 842.6 total

Rusty's.  L-to-R: Q-tip, unknown, Rusty, BVD, Big Toe, Grasshopper

Ok, here's the deal: I'm a slacker.  The date up there says July 6, but you know what today's date is?  July 30!  Yes, I have come from the future back in time to deliver my message.  The me now laughs at the me in the past.  hehe... Guess where I am now.  No, don't flip ahead, that's cheating.  I'm 3 days away from the Delaware Water Gap in PA!  HAHA!  Rockfish Gap, please...

L-to-R: Big Toe, BVD, Q-tip.  The date in the lower right corner says 7/5,
but I'm skeptical.

So I'll do my best to recall the events that took place on July 6.  That was the day I slacked to Rockfish Gap with Q-tip.  Big Toe and Grasshopper started from Reeds Gap rather than the fire road (Big Toe skipped the 1.6 miles from Maupin Field Shelter - Reeds Gap, the cheater).  We left our packs in the woods by the fire road and picked them up at the end of the day using Q-tip's girlfriend's minivan.  And those free-loaders at Rusty's put rocks in my pack!  I didn't find out until I was back at Sunchase.  Overall, aside from the rocks, the Rusty's experience didn't sit well with me.  Though he did make us some fine pancakes, he ranted about Waynesboro, DuPont, and police.  I wonder how many times he's been arrested.  I bought a shirt but now I wish I hadn't.  I invited Big Toe, Q-tip, Q-tip's GF, and Grasshopper to stay at Sunchase, and they accepted the offer.  And, as long as they took showers, I let them sleep in the beds.  Grasshopper didn't, so he slept on the floor.  That was a great night, I was really excited.

[ post-hike note:  "Sunchase" is/was an apartment complex in Harrisonburg, VA.  I had been renting there with 3 other roommates while taking my last year of classes at James Madison University.  The lease was still valid in July, and my roommates and I had all moved our stuff out {the beds at this point were sans sheets, etc}, so I tried to take advantage of the apartment's amenities while in the vicinity of Harrisonburg on the trail. ]

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