Sunday, July 22, 2001

day 71, PGF State Park c, PA

Start:  US 30 (Jim & Julie's)
End:  Pine Grove Furnace State Park (campsite)
Miles:  20 today, 1082.4 total

Big news for the day.  First of all, I'm halfway to Katahdin!  This here park marks the true halfway point.  I pulled in here too late to eat the half gallon today.  Arrived at like 7:30pm and the store closed at 7.  So guess what that means... a half gallon of cookie dough for breakfast tomorrow!  And then a 19-mile hike!  Vomit city!  Just as long as I get my spoon.  Speaking of which, I saw the spoons and they're those little tongue depressor things you use with Dixie Cups.  Grasshopper showed me his... which he got when he BROKE THE ALL-TIME RECORD!  He did it earlier today (when I was still hiking):  nine minutes and eighteen seconds.  His flavor: cherry jubilee.  Pretty amazing, eh?  All I'm looking to do is finish, like a fat man in a marathon.

The other big news is that Skipper, of Skipper and Dusty, isn't Laura.  It's a man!  And Dusty's not a guy, she's Skipper's wife!  So there's two Skippers (that I know of) on the trail.  I'll have to let Laura know.  So I guess that means she's either behind me, or up in Connecticut.  In addition to Skipper & Dusty, I met Jordan, Tekman, Mike, Groovy, and some other guy (forgot his name).  Groovy is a woman.  Time for bed, there's ice cream to be had tomorrow.

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