Wednesday, July 25, 2001

day 74, Clarks Ferry S, PA

Start:  Duncannon, PA (The Doyle)
End:  Clarks Ferry Shelter
Miles:  4.5 today, 1132 total

I spent most of this morning figuring out what to do about the Port Clinton mail drop I've got coming.  I didn't realize during my planning that I'd arrive at Port Clinton on a Saturday, and we're talking Saturday evening.  Some of the options I had in my head were to hike fast and get to Port Clinton before the P.O. closed at 11am Saturday, or hike my planned schedule and get a shuttle from the 501 Shelter at Pine Grove to Port Clinton, pick up my package, then shuttle back to Pine Grove to hike (possibly slack), OR have Port Clinton forward the package to, say, the Delaware Water Gap.  I tried calling around to see about shuttles but people were either not at home or... not at home (at work).  So I did Option #3: mail forwarding.  I had the Duncannon P.O. mail a forwarding slip to Port Clinton.  That should get there probably tomorrow.  Then, when the package gets to Port Clinton, it should take about 2 days to get to the Delaware Water Gap, so right on schedule.  I plan on getting some hiker food in Port Clinton from a supermarket or something.

Also got some laundry done, checked email (7 messages, all junk mail, ads, etc), and ate breakfast and lunch at restaurants.  I finally got out of town at like 4:15pm.  I planned on doing 11 to Peters Mtn. Shelter, but when I got water here, it started to rain.  It was also around 6:30pm and I still had 6.8 miles.  So I sleep here!

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