Sunday, July 15, 2001

day 64, Bears Den Hostel, VA

Start:  Dicks Dome Shelter
End:  Bears Den Hostel
Miles:  18.9 today, 983.7 total

Trail Magic near the Route 50 crossing.
Notice the thank-you notes left on the styrofoam cooler tops.

Trail Magic!  It's been really great since we left the SNP.  Back at the 522 crossing there were the Goldfish, and then a double dose today.  The first was at Ashby Gap, the Route 50 crossing.  I took some pictures of this one.  Two coolers filled with sodas and then sitting on top was a small bag of bananas.  The coolers must've just been filled, too, because the ice was nice 'n fresh, really cold sodas.  So I stopped for a good 20 minutes.  Had 2 bananas and 2 sodas.  It was a blast.  Then, later today, crossing Va. 605 there was a cooler with some banana bread or some similar baked good in it.  At the time I was pretty full, as I had just recently taken a food break.  But oh boy!

This hostel tonight is fabulous.  It's an old stone house with a big stone wall around the property.  I'm saving $6 tenting outside.  Had some Phish Food Ben & Jerry's after setting up the tent.  Called home to check in and arrange tomorrow's meeting.  Took a shower (yeah!) and my clothes are in the dryer now.  I'll grab 'em when I get up.

Along with some unknown people, Ganj and Grasshopper are here.  Haven't seen Ganj since Erwin, so we had some catching up to do.  I hope to see him before he's off in NJ, after my break.

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