Monday, July 2, 2001

day 51, Johns Hollow S, VA

Start:  Cornelius Creek Shelter
End:  Johns Hollow Shelter
Miles:  21.5 today, 767.6 total

You know, it's weird.  There was absolutely nothing spectacular about today.  Yet, it was a perfect day.  I was originally planning on staying at Matts Creek Shelter, but the hiking went so well that I got there at around 5:30pm, and I had already done 17.7 miles.  I decided to break from my plan and continue on.  And I'm glad I did.  Now, if I REALLY wanted to, I could do a whole bunch of mid-20 milers, skip Rusty's Hard Time Hollow, and perhaps get to Swift Run Gap a day sooner.  Or I could go back to the old plan, and just use the extra miles today as insurance for the days ahead.

According to Yahtzee yesterday, Laura is still on the trail.  I really can't see her staying on too much longer, simply because she has no money.  Nonetheless, it would really be cool to see her again.  I'll have to email her to see where she is, etc.

And speaking of Yahtzee, he's a different breed of hiker.  First of all, he's pretty experienced.  He's section-hiked a lot of the AT before.  But the abnormalities are that he hikes in Tevas (sandals).  Not only that, but he hikes really fast, at least a constant 3 mph.  I wonder what his secret is.

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