Monday, May 21, 2001

day 9, Wallace Gap, NC (RSC)

Start:  Carter Gap Shelter
End:  Wallace Gap (Rainbow Springs Campground)
Miles:  13.2 today, 103.8 total

Bloody feet at Rainbow Springs Campground

Had trouble sleeping last night in between worrying about bears and finding the least painful position to sleep in on the shelter floor. So then I got up early at 5:45am. I didn't actually start hiking until 8ish, though. I need to work on my setup/takedown times. The less time I waste, the more I can hike, and, thus, the more mileage I can get per day.

Had a great climb up Albert Mtn. First time I've had to actually "climb". Grabbing roots, stair-stepping up boulders, etc. There was a neat observation tower on top of the mountain, but it was locked. Couldn't have seen anything anyway because of the thick cloud cover all around.

Hiked a mile west on Old 64 at Wallace Gap. There I found Rainbow Springs Campground. I chose this over Franklin because I wanted to save money I guess. I regret it now, though. This place is really cheap and dumpy. Reminds me of a Nazi concentration camp without the barbed wire or armed guards. I'm also the only customer staying the night. So now, instead of worrying about bears, I'll worry about the fine people here.

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