Tuesday, May 15, 2001

day 3, Woods Hole S, GA

Start:  Justice Creek campsite
End:  Woods Hole Shelter
Miles:  13.0 today, 26.5 total

May in Georgia

Though the distance was pretty much the same as yesterday, I had a little easier time. Terrain was a little easier. I think my walking stick is helping some. It takes the weight off my knees and puts it on my arms. In fact, I might be getting a little tennis elbow from it. Looking forward to Neels Gap tomorrow. Get to do some laundry and hopefully take a shower.

So far I've met two thru-hikers (there's a third that I camped near, never met him): Brian, a junior at Washington University, and Bob, a guy who looks to be in his 40s and took a bus down here from his home in Maine. Brian's trying to average 24 miles a day, haven't seen him since we stayed at the Springer Shelter. Bob seems to be more my speed. We camped together at Justice Creek last night, and he's here at Woods Hole tonight.

Another interesting character staying here tonight is Kurt (don't know how to spell his name). He previously section-hiked the whole AT in '96 and '97, so he's a good source for information. Kind of a hippie. He's got a huge Grateful Dead collection of mp3s. I think he's smoking pot down the hill a ways. Talkative guy.

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