Sunday, May 27, 2001

day 15, Double Spring Gap S, NC

Start: Russell Field Shelter
End:  Double Spring Gap Shelter
Miles:  15.0 today, 190.8 total

I popped my left pinky toe blister this morning. It seems to be OK so far. I'm hoping I've got the foot situation under control. I should be in pretty good shape soon (knock on wood).

I hiked some today with Laura. She really flies on the flat/nearly flat sections. It's because of that 2 pound pack she's got. I'd imagine she could get some 30+ mile days in VA-PA if she really wanted to. She's also a big Stevie Ray Vaughan fan, which is awesome.

Tonight we're here at the Double Spring Gap Shelter. There's Robin and Jason (friends of Laura's, they're a "couple"), Laura, me, and just a few minutes ago some weekenders showed up (2 people). So we've got some room to spare in our prison-like shelter (in the Smokies there's chain link fencing on the open side of every shelter to protect against bears). There's also fireplaces inside the shelters, so we've got something burning in there right now.

I'm heading into Gatlinburg tomorrow for a small resupply until Davenport Gap. Probably won't stay the night there (in Gatlinburg).

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