Monday, May 28, 2001

day 16, Ice Water Spring S, NC

Start:  Double Spring Gap Shelter
End:  Ice Water Spring Shelter
Miles:  13.4 today, 204.2 total

Rainy day today. Went pretty slow, maybe less than 2 mph. When I got up to Clingmans Dome, there wasn't too much to see, but it was still pretty neat. It's really not depressing hiking in wet weather (at least if it only happens once in awhile), it's a different feeling, almost comfort, inner comfort, or peace. Something like that.

Got to Newfound Gap around 3:30. I got a ride to Gatlinburg pretty quickly from a group of weekend section hikers. Pretty nice people. Dropped me off at a general store type of place, where I quickly blew $42. I called a cab company and hit an ATM before heading back to the gap. Oh, I forgot, I bought bagels and peanut butter, and it works pretty well because I can dip the bagel in the peanut butter (just like chips and dip). The cab ride back was $25. So, to get 5 days worth of food, I spent $67. I'll have to hit the towns less, rely more on maildrops. Laura's not here. I heard she's in Gatlinburg. Goodnight.

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