Wednesday, May 23, 2001

day 11, NOC, NC

Start:  Wayah Bald (tower)
End:  Nantahala Outdoor Center
Miles:  17.2 today, 134.1 total

I originally thought I had done over 18 miles today, not that 17.2 is much less, but anyway.

Toe/Foot Update: My previously bruised feet are now pretty much healed. Granted, there's the usual blisters and moleskin residue in the regular spots. I'm thinking the "going-to-the-bathroom-on-an-incline" scenario is what did it. I'll have to watch out for that the next time I can't find the privy.

Well, I've left Bob and Matt behind, and for the past couple of days I was in a state of limbo. I was between groups, similar to taking a trip in a car. On a highway, you often see groups of cars rather than all individual, spaced-out cars. It's the social nature of humans. We desire company. Maybe the car thing is a stretch, but I think you get the idea. Anyway, I was by myself for a few days. Then I ran into Mike yesterday. Today I met Devo (Chris), another guy who had been traveling with the infamous Yoda. I'm starting to edge my way into this next pack of cars. Devo wants to hike together tomorrow up to the Brown Fork Gap shelter. I might tell him to go on alone since I might stay an hour or so later here to eat a restaurant breakfast and/or do other business, etc. Picked up first mail drop. Went OK.

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