Saturday, May 19, 2001

day 7, Muskrat Creek S, NC

Start:  Deep Gap Shelter
End:  Muskrat Creek Shelter
Miles:  15.1 today, 78.3 total

Longest mileage day yet. I seem to be doing OK after the hike. Though I'm really not in a position to take advantage of the extra miles today, I'm glad I hit my target average a week into the trip.

Today's also the first day of rain, though not too much has fallen yet. I know that weather is going to play a big part in my mood each day. There are also secondary effects, like wearing wet clothes, etc. Too many "unlucky" events could turn a good day into a bad one pretty quickly. I've gotta keep all that in mind, remain focused, when those days/times come.

On an up note, I'm now in North Carolina. Crossed the state line, took a picture, and camped at the Muskrat Creek Shelter, a few miles past the line. It's also time for a new map.

I'm debating whether to resupply in Franklin or at the Rainbow Springs Campground (Joe, one of the two with the dogs, told me about the campground). I'll think it over some more tomorrow.

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