Friday, May 25, 2001

day 13, Fontana Dam S, NC

Start:  Brown Fork Gap Shelter
End:  Fontana Dam Shelter
Miles:  12.7 today, 162.8 total

Well, I've made it to my first milestone. The next one is Damascus, then Harpers Ferry, then Katahdin (That's not related to the 4 5-week segments I divided the trail into). I saw the dam, and it's big. Biggest, tallest one in the east (TVA). This is also a really nice shelter. Also known as the Fontana Hilton, it sleeps 20.

So far, the only real problem physically has been my feet. Right now, it's both of my pinky toes. The left one has a substantial puffy blister sticking out front, and the right one has a much smaller one on top. So those are my two main concerns/targets for healing. I'm also thinking that my left foot might be a little smaller than my right. I wore two liners on my left foot today, and it seemed to reduce slippage.

When I got to the shelter, it was around 4:30pm, and I couldn't make it to the P.O. in time. I'll have to go tomorrow.

However, I DID take a shower and have a really great AYCE buffet dinner at Peppercorns. I went alone, but Mike (from Wayah Bald) showed up, to my surprise, and ate with me. I didn't think he'd make it to Fontana today. On to the Smokies!

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