Thursday, May 17, 2001

day 5, Unicoi Gap, GA (Helen)

Start:  Hogpen Gap campsite
End:  Unicoi Gap (Helen, GA)
Miles:  13.6 today, 50.7 total

Made some great mileage today. A lot of sections of relatively flat terrain. I'm looking forward to the Shenandoahs and Pennsylvania, where it will be more like it was today. And, we could've done more, since it was only 4:00pm when we got to Unicoi Gap.

At Unicoi Gap, Bob and I hitched a ride in the back of some guy's pickup truck. It really didn't take long at all. The second car (truck) that passed us stopped. We got out in Helen, GA. It's kind of touristy. German, Oktoberfest, village type of place. Really kind of annoying and "quaint". Anyway, we each got our own room ($43). I took a shower, bandaged-up some of my new blisters (from the long miles today), got some lo-mein at China Chef, got some food to get me to Franklin, NC (the next town I'm planning to stop at). It's been a good break from the trail.

Bob's going to stay another day here to fully recover, so this might be the last time I see him (for awhile, anyway). GA/NC state line in two nights!

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