Wednesday, May 16, 2001

day 4, Hogpen Gap c, GA

Start:  Woods Hole Shelter
End:  Hogpen Gap campsite
Miles:  10.6 today, 37.1 total

Had a run-in with some deer last night. Kurt and I were in the shelter talking, about to go to sleep when we heard something walking around out in the woods. I assumed it was a bear (or bears) and got out my Swiss Army knife as some means of defense. And, what further "convinced" me were two separate reports of bear activity the night before (that was written in the shelter register). After at least 10 minutes of listening to the noises, we got up the nerve to go see what it was. Turned out to be 3 deer, so no big deal. I took some pictures, but they might not come out.

Stopped in at the Walasi-Yi Center today. That's one fine place. Took a shower, did some laundry, bought some sardines. I also called home. Spent about 4 hours there.

Bob and I hiked together part of the way to Hogpen Gap, and we're both here tonight. Two other new thru-hikers are here, as well: Dennis and Tanya. They started last Thursday. Must be on a honeymoon or something to be going so slow.

I'm going to try for Blue Mtn. Shelter tomorrow.

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