Wednesday, May 30, 2001

day 18, Groundhog Creek S, NC

Start:  Cosby Knob Shelter
End:  Groundhog Creek Shelter
Miles:  17.6 today, 242.2 total

Well, I did what I said I was going to do. Made it to Groundhog Creek Shelter around 6:25pm, so I had some time to spare. Didn't see too many people, especially once I got out of the GSMNP. I'm alone tonight, looks like.

I'm in sort of a lull again, between groups. I know somewhere behind me are Bob, Matt, Mike, Matt and Ken, and Laura. And I know that somewhere in front of me is Chris (Devo). And as always, I only know about the people in front of me, from reading their notes in the registers.

I try to sign as many registers as possible. They're a good way to keep track of people, in case you get lost or otherwise. One guy, John I think was his name, came into Icewater Springs a couple days ago. He came in pretty late, like after 7:30pm. Some people had already gone to bed. He said he had done something like 26 miles that day. I think he said he started May 20, a week after I did. But anyway, he asked someone if they knew a Derek. He said he had been trying to catch him. So then I introduced myself, and he got all happy. Like me trying to catch Yoda. Register rivals.

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