Tuesday, May 29, 2001

day 17, Cosby Knob S, NC

Start:  Ice Water Spring Shelter
End:  Cosby Knob Shelter
Miles:  20.4 today, 224.6 total

Longest day yet, and, yes, I feel tired. It was even harder with the wet boots and socks. Most of the morning was cloudy and misty, but the sun came out around noonish and warmed/dried things up some. My attitude also improved, and I began to hike faster. The weather can have a huge impact on your mood, like I said before.

I think I'm eating more now, too. Or at least I NEED to eat more. Luckily, I think I'm a day over, in terms of food supply, so I've got some extra stuff to divy up. I'm hoping those five billion calorie powder things help with my daily consumption (they're coming in the Hot Springs mail drop in a few days).

Well, if all goes as planned, I'll leave the Smokies tomorrow, and camp 10 miles outside the park. It'll be an 18 mile day, which will be my second longest day next to today. I hope I hold up ok.

No clue where Laura is. If she was in Gatlinburg last night, then she could've made it to Tricorner Knob Shelter (about 7.7 miles back). I know she needed to get a lot of stuff, though. Really crowded tonight. I'm in my tent, and there's quite a few others in theirs'. Shelter's full, too.

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