Friday, September 7, 2001

day 118, Liberty Springs c, NH

Start:  Franconia Notch, NH (Cascade Lodge)
End:  Liberty Springs Tentsite
Miles:  2.6 today, 1796.4 total

A short day for miles, but a progressive one, nonetheless.  I managed to drop another 1.5 - 2 pounds off my pack weight, so that makes 3 - 3.5 pounds lost since Operation Go-Lite began in Glencliff.  And I spent a good while talking to Silver Wings about his pack, which weighs 16 pounds without food and water (I think).  So, in total, I've gotten rid of my ground cover, rope, poncho container, Pur filter, and sleeping pad.  My poncho should adequately replace the ground cover.  I bought Polar Pure today to replace the filter, and I'm using my spare clothes right now as a fake sleeping pad.  Honestly, the pad was more comfortable, and I'd prefer the quality of water that the filter gives me, as opposed to the iodine-tasting Polar Pure -treated water.  However, the lost weight is more important I think.  And there's more to be lost!  I still haven't found an outfitters that carries a 6' x 10' Equinox tarp, but once I do, I can drop about 3 pounds by replacing my tent with a tarp.  And Silver Wings said that the Nalgene bottles I'm carrying weigh 5.5 ounces each.  If I replace those with 1-liter soda bottles, I'd probably drop a good 0.5 pound.  He also said that stainless steel is one of the heavier metals for cookware.  I think he mentioned that titanium was one of the best.  And my pot is, you guessed it, stainless steel.

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