Tuesday, September 4, 2001

day 115, Glencliff, NH

Start:  Hexacuba Shelter
End:  Glencliff, NH (Hikers Welcome hostel)
Miles:  14.7 today, 1768.0 total

Well guess who yellow blazed to Glencliff.  "I'll take 'Skipper' for $500, Alex."  And she does it again.  Oh well.  The hostel here is pretty cool.  It's called "Hikers Welcome", which is kind of like naming your dog "Dog".  But they've got a great selection of CDs that we played.  Stevie Ray, Hendrix, Allman Brothers.  And they've got a fridge stocked with candy bars, granola bars, crackers, sodas, V8, Ben & Jerry's.  They also have a backpack making and repairing company called Moonbow.  Some really wacky stuff.  They make a lot of all-in-one packs.  Like packs that open up / unfold into tents with sleeping bags inside.  From looking at their catalog, their lightest pack / tent / sleeping bag combo weighs 5 lbs.  The thing is, with the right gear, you could go even lighter than that.  A Go-Lite pack at 1 lb, my Western Mountaineering 20-degree bag at 2 lbs, and a tarp (setup explained yesterday) at 1 lb - that's 4 lbs for the big three.

Met Sodapop.  He's been doing some slacking out of here.  Tonight we've got Laura, Sodapop, Ross (Phaedrus), Sojourner, and Six String.  There are some others, too, but I don't think they're in for the long haul.  Packrat, one of the owners, has some photo albums of his hikes.  He's done the AT, the LT, PCT, Colorado Trail, and maybe more.  Pretty cool stuff.

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