Thursday, September 6, 2001

day 117, Franconia Notch, NH

Start:  Kinsman Notch, NH (Al's house)
End:  Franconia Notch, NH (Cascade Lodge)
Miles:  16.3 today, 1793.8 total

Heading back to Al's post-dinner, September 5.  Laura took the photo.

So we all show up uninvited at this guy's house.  His name is Al.  Apparently he's a friend of Snack Attack.  And Laura is buddy-buddy with Snack Attack, and I'm friends with Laura... and on down the line.  Yesterday we hitched in to North Woodstock from Kinsman Notch, showed up at Al's door, and invited ourselves in.  Two SOBOs had already stayed a night and were going to stay at least another couple nights.  Later Snack Attack, Orkin Man, and Wise Owl (Jake) showed up.  So this one guy, Al, has 7 hikers staying at his place taking advantage of him.  While it was great taking a shower, using his cookware, etc, I really did feel bad for the guy.  I'm thinking of sending him some brownies or something to make up for it.

This morning Al drove Jake and me to the trailhead.  We did the 16-17 miles to Franconia Notch and then hitched back into North Woodstock, but stayed at the Cascade Lodge rather than Al's place.  The hiking wasn't too bad.  Saw 3 glider planes up on South Kinsman (they were off in the distance, not ON the mountain).

A lot of familiar people here at the lodge.  Silver Wings, Numbfoot, the Deputies, possibly more.  Jake and I had an awesome dinner at the restaurant across the street from Truant's Tavern (don't remember the name).  This lodge is old and run-down.

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