Sunday, September 2, 2001

day 113, Moose Mtn S, NH

Start:  Hanover, NH
End:  Moose Mountain Shelter
Miles:  10.8 today, 1735.4 total

Man, it is cold!  I'm wearing my New Balance fleece -type of thing on top of my long underwear shirt AND a Duofold t-shirt.  Lucky orange pants are on, too.  I mean, I'm doing ok in these clothes, it's just the fact that I have to use them at all is what's amazing.

Wanted to get to the Trapper John Shelter tonight, but there's no water there.  I pulled in here at like 4:15 to cook an early dinner (the big water-user in camp) with the hopes that I could eat and clean up leaving enough time to hike the remaining 6 miles comfortably.  No such luck.  So I'm stuck here tonight.  I should easily be able to make up the mileage tomorrow, though, so no big problem.

We've got a full house tonight.  When I got here, there was a 40-ish man already here.  He had a short day from the Velvet Rocks Shelter.  He's doing a section from Hanover to Pinkham Notch.  Then Ross (from Burke) showed up.  He also had a short day from Velvet Rocks.  He says his legs were unusually tired.  Says he's going to give big bucks to The Hiker's Paradise in Gorham so he can slack all the way through the Whites.  Sojourner (not sure how to spell that) came soon after that (a woman).  Then Numbfoot and Six String showed up.  Then a couple SOBOs trickled in.  So there's 8 of us altogether; 4 in the shelter, 4 tenting / tarping.  It's cold.

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