Wednesday, September 5, 2001

day 116, Kinsman Notch, NH

Start:  Glencliff, NH (Hikers Welcome hostel)
End:  Kinsman Notch, NH (Al's house)
Miles:  9.5 today, 1777.5 total

Moosilauke summit.  Left to right:  Six String, Laura (Skipper), me

First day in the Whites and, man, was it amazing.  I'd probably have to say that this has been the best day, in terms of scenery, so far.  It beats Grayson Highlands.  And this was some tough terrain, too, especially coming down Moosilauke into Kinsman Notch.  Moosilauke was the theme of the day.  Skipper and I left Glencliff around 11am.  I managed to drop 1.5 lbs by sending home my ground sheet and some other items.  But then we were hiking... It took a few miles to get to the base of the mountain and then we started going up.  But no need to dramatize that, because the ascent really wasn't too bad.  It was long, but not terribly steep.  Then, up on the ridge, you walk half a mile to 1 mile just below treeline until it finally breaks and you walk up a bald, grassy mountain-top with cairns(?) as the trail markers.  The coolest part was when I was along the ridge and I could look ahead and see a tiny Six String climbing up the bald part.  He was like a monk.  Six String, Laura (when she finally made it), and I hung out on top for a good 1-1.5 hours before coming down.  And that's the hard part.  Very steep, a long way down.  Parts where you could fall and break your face.  The trail paralleled a waterfall / creek most of the way down.  Got to the bottom around 5pm and waited on Laura for quite awhile.  From there we hitched into North Woodstock.  I'll explain...

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